I would like to start by saying thank you to every single one of my customers for supporting me and appreciating my work for what it is! Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of photographing and drawing hundreds of your wonderful beloved pets. I have met many wonderful people, pets and have made some fantastic friends along the way.

Simba's Journey - The Children's Book!
I would like to start this blog off with the news of an exciting new project that I will be working on with a friend in America, I have recently been asked to illustrate a children's book! And what makes the news even more exciting is that the book will be based on the true story of little Simba who has defied the odds! If you would like to find out a little more about him or follow his story please visit his very own Facebook page by clicking here> Simba's Journey.

Tricia (Simba's wonderful owner) and I had decided to start with the cover art work, what better place to start?!

This is the photo I was to use as a reference: 

We thought this was well suited, a lovely photo of Simba enjoying his best friends company. I started out by drafting up the basic idea, getting the likeness correct. After I was happy with that, I started to 'animate' the characters a little, making them a little more attractive to a young child. That involved producing an outline, giving the eyes more of a 'cartoon' feel to them. Then it was time to start to add some colour!

Above you can see that I had started to add the base layers of watercolour. Although Simba has a lot of black in his coat I wanted to create a 'lighter' feel to the image so decided to make it clear that he was a German Shepherd..using the markings, but use a dark brown instead of black.  After several hours of building base layers I reached this stage:

As you can see, the basic colours were down, but it didn't really 'stand out'. So I added some grass texture with coloured pencil, then went around the whole image with coloured pen to define the subjects.

And here is the finished piece, all ready for the book! 

The book will be heavily picture based so be sure to pop back to the blog to see if any new updates have been added!

Watercolour Commissions 
I am pleased to announce that I am now taking commissions for watercolour pet portraits!
A month or so ago, I painted this portrait of a German Shepherd called ''The Gallant Gaze of a German Shepherd''. It proved to be popular and I received a lovely response from it. 
If you would like to order a watercolour commission, feel free to get in contact with me (Zoe). 

I will be updating the blog with general art progress, photography tips and any current competitions. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see in our blog, please do feel free to get in contact!